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           "You Have To Be It To Become It" 


Consciousness Tuning Workshop


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WHERE:  Eastman Nature Center, (part of Elm Creek Park Reserve, a Three Rivers Park), 13351 Elm Creek Road, Maple Grove MN 55369.  This is separate location from the main entrance to Elm Creek Park!!!!!!   Get directions here!! 
COST:   For this workshop, Holly Introduces, "personally aligned pricing, (see video on this page for explanation)!"  -- This means, you pay what is the aligned amount for YOU.  The workshop is priced at $95, (almost a 4th of the cost of a private session with Holly/the Elders for this same amount of time).
Holly understands that everyone is at their own individual place in their journeys and some can afford way more than this and some, way under, so she is introducing, ALIGNMENT PRICING!    Ask your own inner being and find the aligned price for YOU, (minimum ticket $40.00), and pay what feels the most at peace with yourself, (at peace with your mind, body and spirit). 
By paying what is your highest vibration, you will walk into the workshop at your highest frequency, thusly, enabling you to get the most out of it.
Advance registration is highly encouraged, as seats are limited.  (register below, and we will contact you back to accept payment.  Credit card/PayPal accepted.) SIGN UP BEFORE MIDNIGHT Oct. 7th and receive $10. credit towards a private session!  BRING A FRIEND and receive $10. credit towards a private session!
FORMAT:  Workshops are potluck and are 4.5 hours, consisting of  3 hours of interactive workshop time mixed with 1.5 hours of pot luck/refreshment segments. 
Disclaimer:  Workshops will be recorded, videotaped and photographed, and some segments will be used for educational/promotional purposes.
Holly and her horse, Lana
More potluck details upon registration.
TIME: 3-7:30pm  

Introducing, "Alignment Pricing!"  CORRECTION: The workshop IS on Sunday, but the date is october 22nd, NOT the 23rd as I stated in the video!

SIGN UP BY FRIDAY OCTOBER 6th and receive $10. credit toward a private reading, (can be live or message/text/email)!!!

Bring a friend and receive $10. credit towards a private session!!

CARPOOL: If you need a ride/want to carpool click here.
Indicate which workshop you wish to attend.  

What is a Consciousness Tuning  


Use the "subject" line or "message" area to specify your workshop.  We'll contact you back to take payment/ confirm your registration. Thank you!


Thank you for your online registration/inquiry about the "You Have To Be It To Become It" Workshop! We will get back to you promptly to confirm/take payment/answer inquiries asap!

Cancellation Policy:  After payment is received, workshop cancellations shall incur a $10 cancellation fee and are not offered within 7 days of any workshop, or after any workshop has begun.   www.hollyburnspsychic

        612 834 6850 (text or call)

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