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Consciousness Tuning

WHAT IS IT?: It is the process of tuning yourself to the frequency of all that you are.  It's aligning yourself with the level of consciousness that brings you the life you want. This is the foundation to absolutely everything in your life. 


You have the ability to fine tune your physical experience to a level that brings you complete fulfillment. Consciousness Tuning will help you to do that.  Each and every iconic figure is an example of mastering this aspect of their consciousness in the area in which they are iconic.  

HOW DOES IT WORK?:  It works just like a psychic reading, only with a focused perspective on Consciousness Tuning.  You don't do anything you are aware of, besides interact with the Elders/Holly.  Gaining an understanding of how to apply it to your own life is by far and away the most effective, efficient, and direct route to the success you are seeking. 

There is no set time length for a CT session, and can be done via Skype, phone, FaceTime call, email, Facebook/text messaging, or in person. 

WHO IS IT FOR?  It's for everybody. Creating your reality from a point of alignment is something every person on the planet should understand and be doing. 


*Fine tuning yourself to your highest level.

​​*You are just getting started in this area and would like advice. 

​*You would like to manifest in the most efficient way.

​*Surpassing a certain level of consciousness or aspect of your life. 

​*“Checking in” about what areas/things you should work on.

​*You having trouble sustaining a certain experience.

*You want help getting past a blockade, plateau or reoccurring pattern.

*Any other personal reason.

"Nothing's happening to you.

It's all being invited by you."

-Abraham Hicks

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"Holly is amazing, her gifts make me feel like I'm in a clear and homey place, It's comforting. She helped me with my life path, and directed me in the right directions. Over the year we became good friends if I should say so myself. She's very inspiring and helps me around the vanities that blocks me. Her gifts to speak with her elders made me more open to my gifts and we kinda explore them together. I highly suggest her if you're ever in need of assistance or even just to explore or open yourself more!" -Shalanda Martinson

"After experiencing multiple readings with Holly, I can easily say she Really Knows How to tune right into your energy, and shine light on areas of murky uncertainty. She's enthused and energized, so getting a reading with her is like getting guidance from a really smart cheerleader. Holly is aligned with her guides and the energy of Abraham, and she gives sincere, hopeful messages. Whether you need insight or inspiration in life, a reading with Holly will shine light & expand your horizons in wondrous ways!"  -Mela Amara


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