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Session Info


Sessions of all types, (Psychic/Medium, Consciousness Tuning/Therapy), are all $2.25 a minute, no minimum or maximum time, i.e.:

30mns = $67.50

60mns = $135

90mns = $202.50

120mns = $300.



Session length is varied, depending on the work needing to be done. 


Format 1: A set amount of time is chosen before we begin.


Format 2:  We work until we feel aligned and finished and stop the timer when we're done. 

(Common session lengths range from 30mns-100mns)

IMG_4212 (2)blue corrected pixlr only.jpg


Sessions are done via Zoom, phone, facetime/messenger video call, and in some circumstances,

in person, (may be an extra fee for in person sessions).

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