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Steve has that aura that automatically makes you feel comfortable in his presence. He naturally attracts the attention of everyone around him with his natural magnetism!

He is a wonderful teacher, and naturally weaves a lesson into every story he tells.  The lesson of how to be a clear vessel is effortlessly absorbed while you read about Steve's life and what being a truly clear vessel really entails, bringing yourself the happiest, most rewarding life.


In addition to being an author, public speaker and teacher, Steve enjoys the world of high finance, and is an experienced financial advisor as well. He is also the proud father of 2 grown sons.

He stays busy by spending time with his family, attending music festivals, riding his motorcycle, and enjoying any form of nature, especially hiking and kayaking, and skiiing. 


"I am honored to have been a part of Steve's achievement; this wonderful book, Clear Vessels. Working with Steve is such a gift. He has the best attitude of anyone I've ever worked with, and is always striving to reach his ultimate level of consciousness, and achieve the most rewarding life he possibly can. 

His charisma is infectious, and his writing style captivated me from page one. I read the whole thing cover to cover all in one sitting, as the information flowed out so naturally and effortlessly. I just kept turning the pages until sadly, I found myself turning the last page! I look forward to the sequel! 

The concept this book teaches is, as Steve says, "the most powerful work you can do in your life."  I recommend you start learning it by reading this book!"- Holly Burns

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