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Health and Wellness Coaching

WHAT IS HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACHING?  Health and Wellness Coaching is the process of working with Holly/The Elders to ease the severity of, or overcome a behavioral, emotional,  mental or physical issue.  


You will gain awareness and clarity of what you're creating/perpetuating in regards to these types of issues/conditions, and how to shift the scales more to the wellness side, and away from the negative issue.


We will discuss whatever comes up in relation to the issue, (i.e. diet, anything helping or hurting, medications/supplements, etc. exercise, amount of break time you're getting/not getting, etc.),  and weigh in with the All Knowing Realm about what they see as far as what things they see could improve or completely eradicate the situation.  

WHO IS IT FOR?:  It is for anyone from a very young child to a super senior citizen.  

HOW DOES IT WORK?: You work from the comfort of your own home, virtually, or via email, or the phone, and do not need to do any special preparation before your session.





*Shutting down the constant flood of fear based thoughts

*Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

*Self doubt or self judgment/self esteem issues


*Weight loss

*Sleep issues

*Learning disabilities/autism (or parents of these children)

*ADD (or parents of these children)

*Social interaction anxieties or issues

*Sickness/chronic health issues

*Chronic pain

*Parents of a child with any health or emotional issues, (and possibly the child too)

*Overcoming a great loss

*Overcoming great grief

*Any other personal issue

"Do I have to have a healing? No, I just have to allow the welling."  -Abraham Hicks


"I have been working with holly for about a month now. We have had around 4-5 sessions. I would highly recommend Holly because she is very skilled at what she does and she gives in depth explanations of card interpretations. She also makes sure that she understands each question you ask and goes into great depth into each question. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety she guided me onto strategies about changing my mindset and becoming more aware of the messages I send out. In addition she also recommended Abraham hicks videos. She's just so wonderful. I would highly recommend her to see if you are struggling with a mental illness or have a huge desire for your burning questions to be answered!" -Lya Meahyen.

"I have been fortunate enough to have met with Holly twice now, both during pivotal times in my life. It was beautiful to speak with someone who could bring so much clarity and calmness into the areas of my life in which I was so anxious about.  I was welcomed with warmth and walked out with more guidance than I had ever hoped to receive.  But not only did I receive that guidance though, but I walked away with a number of resources that I have continued to use to this day.  It was also really great to have a reading unlike other readings I have had before. She is unique--and a reading with her and the Elders is something to definitely experience."   -Vanessa Mantalvo
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