Psychic | Medium

Holly works as a translator with her Spirit Guide Andre,  the all knowing Elders,*  your dead loved ones, pets, or the soul/higher self of any incarnated person or animal.  She can work in combination of any of the above to get the answers to your questions, seek their All Knowing advice, or just converse with someone you miss, etc. 


They always have things they want to speak to you about/help you with.


Holly’s readings help you to gain clarity and confidence, and help you to trust yourself on a deeper level.

*An undefined number of souls that speak as one voice, Holly describes as "God Energy."

Photo: Gayle Karol

Readings are $2.00/minute and can  be of any length. Readings are done via Skype, FaceTime call, phone, Facebook message, text message, email or in person. Cash, credit, Paypal accepted.

                                                 An Unexpected Journey of Joy

 "I strolled into Magus spiritual shop with intentions of browsing around. During my visit I was so ever kindly greeted by Holly Burns. She introduced herself as a Psychic who was working at the shop, and invited me and my friend for a reading. We sat down and the reading soon became a very deep and extensive reading of my friend and I's lives. We asked questions concerning big life decisions that we're rising up in our lives. She laid out possible outcomes and without telling us what to do she asked us to ask ourselves what it was we truly wanted in life. After understanding what we were seeking the most in life she was able to give us advice that would help us walk down the path we wanted most. The knowledge and insight I gained from this experience was  one of the most helpful tools I've ever been given to bring my passions to fruition." -Bryan D.  

"I often travel to our conversations to pull up inspiration. You have helped me so very much and I'm blessed to have gotten readings from you. All those things you told me are working to my benefit in a way I never thought possible. Transcendence is a miraculous experience. Thank you"  -Alex Urshan