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"You Have to Be It to Become It" Consciousness Tuning Workshop

-Leaf Peeping Edition-

A "nature retreat" themed workshop held at beautiful Elm Creek Park Reserve's Eastman Nature Center

"The Best way to predict your future is to create it."    -Abraham Lincoln

OVERVIEW: This is an interactive group gathering with you, Holly, and the Elders,* nestled serenely in the sugar maple forest at Elm Creek's Eastman Nature Center in Maple Grove, MN.  This is a Consciousness Tuning Workshop with a focus on developing your ability to clearly recognize and understand what you are creating in every waking moment, and how that affects your entire life; i.e. career, money, health, relationships, happiness, etc.

Find out what Holly means when she says:  “You Have to Be It to Become It."   

 No two workshops are alike, as the direction is determined by what the Elders want to talk about with you, and what you want to talk about with them/Holly.  Bring your questions, or just yourself.  Either way, your thoughts are contributing to the experience had by all as we tune our frequencies to a wonderful alignment experience.​


WORKSHOP FORMAT: 3-7:30   Broken into 2, 1.5 hour class segments, and a total of 1.5 hours of pot luck time/breaks intermixed in.     

COST:  Introducing:  "ALIGNMENT PRICING!!" Pay what is aligned for you, (minimum of $40, workshop is valued at $95.).  Please watch the video on this page to explain what this is. SIGN UP BY MIDNIGHT SATURDAY OCT. 7TH AND RECEIVE $10.00 credit towards a private session!  BRING A FRIEND and receive $10. credit towards a private session!!

WHERE DO I FIND OUT SPECIFICS?  Scroll down or click here.  

*The Elders are"God energy" that comes to Holly as many but speak in one voice.  Holly's Spirit Guide, Andre, is also an Elder.

What is "Alignment Pricing?"  DATE CORRECTION:  It IS on Sunday but the date is, October 22nd, NOT the 23rd as I stated!

Bring a friend and receive $10. credit towards a private session!!


NEXT WORKSHOP: Details will be released here when it is scheduled.

LOCATION:  13351 Elm Creek Road, Maple Grove, MN 55359 

SIGN UP HERE or request more info


"Consciousness Tuning could not be a better way of describing what Holly does. Regardless of where you are in your journey--just starting, in the thick of it, got a grasp on learning---Holly can help you. I had always known and believed in the laws of attraction--what you put out is what you get back, but it really was in meeting with Holly and the Elders consistently that truly made me understand the laws that govern our universe. I started focusing on what I *do* want (rather than what I don't), and the universe has responded to my efforts with magical abundance--I am now living my literal life dream as a playwright working to unravel the mysteries and stigmas of mental health. And though Holly will tell you that I attracted this dream/life to myself, I know Holly's guidance and support is at the base of my manifesting abilities. For lack of a better phrase--this sh** works!!! Just try it. I promise, you won't regret it.”  -Ariel Anissa Pizzamiglio

"Holly is a true gift...with little given on my back story, she pieced things together amazingly. I would highly recommend her before ANYONE else. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise!" -Rob Arnold  
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