"You Have To Be It To Become It" Workshops

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Eastman Nature Center

"I am excited to announce I am offering a unique, interactive, "nature retreat/pot luck" Consciousness Tuning Workshop series! You can come to one, or come to them all!


The setting is nestled amongst the sugar maple forest towering outside the floor to ceiling windows of the Elm Room at Eastman Nature Center, (part of Elm Creek Park Reserve), in Maple Grove, MN.  (Please note, the nature center is at a separate location from the main entrance to Elm Creek Park. Address details are in the sign up section).

I encourage you to come early and enjoy the alignment experience only nature can provide by experiencing what the park has to offer.  Your entrance is free, so come for the entire day if you like. You can visit their Facebook page's photo section to get a sneak preview.  

You can get more details  here  or sign up here


Bring your wildflower and bird books!

Eastman Nature Center

Or just sit and enjoy the sights and smells all around you. The park is full of many species of animals as the ratio is 80% nature to 20% human area.  

Eastman Nature Center

Hike|bike the paved and unpaved nature trails.

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Eastman Nature Center

Tour Pierre Bottineau's pioneer home (Saturdays, 1-4pm through 8/27)

Eastman Nature Center

Enjoy the lake from the bridge that spans completely across it.