Holly Burns, Psychic 


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hollyburnspsychic@gmail.com   612 834 6850 

Psychic Readings are $2.00/Minute and can be of any length.  Credit card, cash, PayPal accepted.

PSYCHIC READING REQUEST:  Use any contact method above, or fill out the form below.  Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!  For a detailed description of each type of communication method Holly uses for psychic readings, scroll down below.  



Skype reading is easy and convenient. By eliminating travel time, Skype readings are available at many convenient times of day, and can be conducted with people from anywhere in the world. 

To schedule a Skype session contact Holly via any of the methods listed, or fill out the form at the top of the page.

(If you don't have Skype, don't worry, you can download it free, or get the Skype app on your phone. It's free to use on any device.  Holly can help you with any questions you have regarding Skype.  (Holly's Skype name is hb4334.))

Call Holly on Skype or add her to your contacts. (To be used at the time of the reading).


Using email for readings is great when life is super busy, or if our schedules are completely opposite, etc.  Send an email when it's most convenient for you.  Holly can be working on your reading and getting back to you while you're off getting something else done.   

You can email Holly any time 24/7 at hollyburnspsychic@gmail.com, or contact her via any methods listed, or fill out the form at the top of the page

Facebook Message:

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Facebook messaging is a great way to communicate, and Holly uses it often.  Feel fee to contact Holly through Facebook  24/7 with any questions or to request a reading.

Text Message:

Texting is a great way to fit in a reading from anywhere at anytime.  You can text Holly at 612 834 6850.

612 834 6850

FaceTime call:

FaceTime calling is available for those with iphones. 

612 834 6850

Face to Face/In Person

Holly is available in a variety of locations in a variety of ways for face to face readings.  Contact her any of the ways listed, or fill out the contact box.  

Thank you! Holly will contact you back shortly! If you need to get ahold of Holly immediately, please text 612 834 6850.